the blue in green brand

The blue in green, was founded in 2018, with the aim to design and create unique, limited edition and numbered handmade bags. We use compelling and innovative materials and design ergonomic bags with an artistic approach and classic appeal. The key words used in our brand symbolize the representative color of Greece and our aspiration for environmental sustainability. After all, these two elements make for an infinite source of inspiration and creativity.

Our vision is to offer joy to every unique and special individual, who enjoy life worldwide. We care deeply about what our customers want and need and will not rest until we uncover. The brand blue in green is invested in building a strong and faithful relationship with you.

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NEW collaboration – PHEE COLLECTION innovation & sustainability

Devoted to the value of fruitful collaboration in order to create innovative yet environmentally friendly, we cooperate with PHEE to highlight the importance of re-using natural materials in a smart way


With espresso spent coffee grounds. Re-using natural materials in a smart way.