the cophee collection

Following our vision to avoid landfilling bio residues by giving them a second life in a smart way, we created the world’s first coPHEE based handles –  an innovative product resulted by our ongoing fruitful collaboration with PHEE.

Now, espresso spent coffee grounds, are back to life with a different way in your daily life. A bio-based toxic free composite material, developed and manufactured by PHEE PC according to her patented unconventional manufacturing progress, is used by blue in green in the most creative way to adorn our unique handmade and always in fashion bags and belts.

Because, coffee is always a great idea!



the phee collection

Devoted to the value of fruitful collaboration in order to create innovative yet environmentally-friendly, we cooperate with PHEE to highlight the importance of reusing natural materials in a smart way.

Τhe unique bag handles are made of dead leaves of Posidonia oceanica seagrass which are collected from the Greek coasts and through PHEE’s patented upcycling process, they come back to life again and become part of your daily life in a truly distinctive way.

The only thing you need to do, is just let the breeze of the sea aura travel you to the most beautiful places of Greece.